Thursday, March 24, 2016

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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Spring Yoga Retreats!

Looking for a little getaway or adventure?
April 2nd Island Spring Day Retreat

Island hike, yoga, sauna, facials and more!

Spring can be such a refreshing and rejuvenating time. Welcoming the transition to spring with a day of adventure and pampering!

Farmers Market Lunch
Meditation Hike

Need I say more!

A intimate getaway limited to 6. We will start the day with a walk along the water from from the ferry to the beautiful town of winslow. Wander through the farmers market, grab a hearty freshly farmed treat or two then toDayaalu Center. While at the center we will alternate sauna and facial treatments with soothing yoga and meditation with singing bowls. 

We will head from the sound to the forest! Warmed and relaxed we will wander the forest for a quiet meditation hike.
After which we will indulge in the deliciousness of our local vineyards wine and nosh on some truly decadent treats!

I hope this adventure creates space for you. Enables you to step out of the day to day current and refresh, renew and indulge all your senses!

includes guided yoga, meditation, sauna, facials, wine tasting, dessert, guided hike and on island

Spring Canyon Lands Yoga Trekking Retreat
One of the best ways to connect is to disconnect. A truly memorable experience awaits in the Utah desert, one of the most magical landscapes on earth.
A Desert yoga and trekking adventure!

You will experience daily professionally guided meditation, yoga, trekking and healthy delicious meals all a midst the sun, stars and red rock.

You will learn backpacking skills, flora and fauna of the desert, and wilderness ethics, hone route-finding skills and spend time each day with yoga and meditation practices. Connect with a community on the same path.
Huge open spaces, incredible rock formations, ancient pictographs, wander through creek beds in canyons and sleep on top of giant sun warmed red rock plateaus, gaze at impressive pictographs taking in the beauty and enjoying time for ourselves. This yoga and backpacking trip has a fantastic variety of activities, scenery and adventure.

A community experience, whole heartedly delving into the expedition experience together, participating in daily activities of trail living.
Space to connect with the open landscape, challenge your fitness and normal daily patterns, reflect, relax and promote a new appreciation for yourself and all that surrounds you.

$1100 per participant

Airfare is not included: prices range from $200 – $600
Let’s get out into the beautiful Canyon Lands and do yoga!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Latest classes and workshops

Bainbridge Vineyards Yoga
Every 3rd Sat 3pm

Boat Yoga 
Every 4th Mon 630pm
Sign up by paying here

Exploring the elusive asana
Maha yoga @BYH 6pm Feb 19th

Snowshoeing Yoga day retreat
Feb 20th

Fight or Flight
 a self discovery workshop through arm balancing
@BYH Feb 28th 1pm $40

Yogi Code 
A University of Washington mindfulness project offering on the 8 limbed path
March 5th @ Dayaalu
UW students and faculty only

Monday, June 15, 2015


So thrilled with these up coming events! See you on a yoga adventure soon!

July 10th BOAT YOGA Sound immersion w/ musician Peter Jack Rainbird! This yoga session takes place on a boat with a spectacular musician!
July 11th Island Sound Immersion Flow w/ Peter Jack Rainbird
This yoga session takes place and bainbridge yoga house as well as on the beach!

July 25th ISLAND YOGA RETREAT, beach, vineyard, feast and more!
A glorious and delicious island yoga adventure.

Sep 19th Yoga Hot Springs Adventure! A yoga hike in the olympics!

Oct 2nd YOGA SCHOOL on Bainbridge Island
 is an immersion, delving into the layers of yoga and the self. It is a broad landscape of learning that exceeds the standards of Yoga Alliance's teacher training outline. This program offers a diverse group of experienced teachers encouraging in-depth discussion and practice.

Friday, June 12, 2015

ISLAND YOGA RETREAT beach, vineyard, feast, yoga and more!

A magical getaway that is just steps away! By the end of this day you will feel as if you had been gone for a week. Hit the reset button and come enjoy Bainbridge island.

We will explore the island, food, wine and your yoga practice. 

The day starts with a thorough yoga practice at a picturesque beach followed by a delicious picnic!

After our scrumptious feast we will take a light hike through fort wards forest.

Then to the Bainbridge vineyards for some juicy restorative yoga and meditation amongst the grapes!

And of course to cap it all off wine tasting at the vineyard! Dessert to follow!

Connect to all the senses, your practice, yourself.

Limit 10 participants

July 18th

Price $100 if paid before July 12th
After July 12th $120

Pay via to
Please specify when paying if you would liked to be picked up from the ferry or will be driving.

Monday, May 11, 2015


WOW! So far the weather has been amazing and we have taken yoga outside many times already! All of which have been SOLD OUT! Boat yoga, island womens retreat, hot springs and more!

Here is a list of up coming outdoor events, and stay tuned as I will be adding many more.

June 1st Boat yoga (sold out)

June 13th Olympic hot springs yoga hike (sold out)

June 22nd Boat Yoga

June 27th/28th  Hot springs overnight yoga hike

July 10th Boat yoga Sound immersion-surf the elements w/ Peter Jack Rainbird!

July 11th Island sound immersion-Surf the elements w/ PJR

July 29-aug 3rd Wanderlust Whistler

Aug17th-21st Mt rainier backpacking Yoga adventure  Retreat

Sept 19th Olympic hot springs yoga hike finale

Sept 26th/27th Olympic hot springs overnight summer finale

Will be adding more outdoor events soon such as island yoga in a vinyard with wine tasting, island sup yoga as well as beach island yoga!

Lets take yoga outside...the box!!!